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Toronto Is Going Through Minimal Commercial Real Estate Vacancy: A Report

Toronto is the business epicentre of Canada. It is the hub of economic development, the convergence of corporate headquarters. Toronto's Bay Street is the financial engine of Canada. Due to the fact that Toronto is Canada's ground zero for busines

By Ray Adams | 2016-07-02 Read more ▸

5 Crucial Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2016

It's 2016 so this means that it's time that some real estate agents start acting like it. The real estate market in Pickering, and elsewhere across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), continues to heat up. The competition is fierce, buyers are partici

By Annie Yang | 2016-07-08 Read more ▸

5 Things Buyers & Sellers Need to Know About Real Estate Law

When you're purchasing a property, it's more than just getting a mortgage, receiving a pair of keys and moving in. Real estate is a complicated business, particularly when you come to the legal aspect of buying or selling a property. Indeed, there'

By Caleb Fire | 2016-07-12 Read more ▸

How to Become A Successful Real Estate Agent

If you are interested in real estate and passionate about helping people, working as a real estate agent might be the right career for you. Do you know how you can become a real estate agent in Ontario? The following tips will help you figure it o

By Crystal Smith | 2016-07-17 Read more ▸

Durham Real Estate: Six Frequently Asked Questions

  Durham Region is a great place to live, work, and play! The Regional Municipality of Durham, which everyone refers to as Durham Region, is located in Southern Ontario east of Toronto. The areas in the north are made up of small towns and ru

By Natalie Paul | 2016-07-23 Read more ▸

Hiring A Realtor: 6 Benefits You May Not Know

  You've probably wondered if you could sell or buy your home yourself, without the help of a real estate agent, and that’s a good question. Why not, when these days access to technology and a huge audience is available to anyone with a

By Preston Vance | 2016-08-01 Read more ▸

New Mortgage Requirements In Canada: A Beginner's FAQ

Ottawa recently announced new rules surrounding mortgage requirements that will soon go into effect. The new rules are meant to limit foreign money in Canadian real estate, and to help ensure that borrowers don’t take on mortgages bigger than

By Patricia Rosen | 2016-10-10 Read more ▸

5 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Furnished Apartment

Nearly half of the households in the city of Toronto consist of renters. This means that a considerable number of the city's population is renting an apartment, a house, a condominium or some other kind of dwelling from month to month – they'

By | 2017-03-01 Read more ▸

Pros & Cons for Using a Mortgage Broker

No matter if you’ve decided you want to buy a small home in the country or a downtown loft in the city, a mortgage will probably be the biggest investment you have made or will make. Before you sign the paperwork, though, there’s a lot

By Jonathan Bark | 2017-03-25 Read more ▸

5 Benefits of Using Real Estate CRM Tools

The real estate industry is a crowded place for eager realtors looking to make a loonie buying and selling homes. With competition fierce, especially in today's lucrative Toronto market, you have to employ every measure you can get your hands on to

By Crystal Smith | 2017-03-29 Read more ▸